Spiral Knights Just Got A New Lockdown Map

March 18, 2017

A screenshot of the new Icebox map in Spiral Knights lockdown.

Spiral Knights has been in a bit of a content drought for quite some time now. Sure, there's plenty of new cosmetics to buy, but playable content is what keeps a community...

Paragon Just Got Nvidia Ansel Support

February 18, 2017

A close up screenshot of a character in Paragon.

Feeling creative? Are you a fan of Paragon? Well, you're in luck this week! Nividia and Epic Games just finished implementing Nvidia's super-screenshot technology, Ansel,  into...

Mobius Final Fantasy Is Releasing On Steam For PC

January 28, 2017

A screenshot of the White Mage job card in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Mobius Final Fantasy released on Japan's Steam store some time ago, and a global release for PC players is finally on the horizon! The game is releasing globally on February 6th,...

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Want to optimize your character leveling in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? In this guide we’ll take a look at all the different ways you can earn xp for your team.

Brave Exvius Is Giving Away Ten Free Summons

January 24, 2017


Free rare summons are one of the best rewards you can get in Brave Exvius, and for the next ten days we'll be getting ten summons on the house! All you have to do is just log into...

Spiral Knights Is Running A New Lockdown Event

January 21, 2017

A screenshot of some Spiral Knights in haven.

Over the years a lot of Spiral Knights Lockdown players have pushed for auto-target to be removed from the game's pvp mode; myself included. It looks like our wish is finally...