Celebrate Halloween In Fallout Shelter

October 14, 2016

Even Fallout Shelter is celebrating Halloween this year. The game was recently updated with Halloween quests, outfits, and even a new room theme. The festivities will only be around for a limited time though, so you’ll need to log in soon if you want any of the spooky goodies.

An image of some of the Halloween items in Fallout Shelter.

During the event you’ll be able to pick up some limited skeleton and ghost costumes. You’ll earn three ghost costumes if you complete all the “Mystery of Vault 31” quests, but you’ll need to open some lunchboxes if you want any skeleton costumes or more ghost costumes. I’m hoping that the Halloween room theme sticks around after the event. More event-themed quests would be a nice addition as well; I’m looking forward to seeing what the developers have in store for Thanksgiving.

Article By: Dan Mace