Deus Ex’s System Rift DLC Just Released

September 24, 2016

System Rift is Deux Ex: Mankind Divided’s first story DLC. The mission starts when one of Adam’s old friends calls in a favor, a favor that actually turns out to be one of Adam’s toughest assignments. You’re tasked with sneaking into the most secure archiving bank in the world, and to do this you’ll need to enlist the help of one of the best hackers in the world. Prepare for lots of sneaking, shooting, and more than a few close calls.

DEUS EX Mankind Divided System Rift Trailer (DLC)

The System Rift DLC is available for $11.99, but you may want to wait for a price drop. A lot of the Steam reviews are are criticizing the DLC for it’s short 2-3 hour clear time. I would recommend checking out the reviews before you make a purchase. You can find out more about the DLC on the PlayStation Blog.

Article By: Dan Mace