Forecasting The 2016 Steam Summer Sale

June 7, 2016

After scouring the web for any information on the next Steam Summer sale, all I ended up with was rumors and a lot of open tabs. Steam has yet to officially announce the dates for their annual summer sale, but a start date can be somewhat accurately predicted from past summer sales. Judging by the 2013, 2014, and 2015 summer sale dates, the sale seems to be launching in mid to late June, and even well into July.

There is a screenshot circling around that has supposedly leaked the sale’s date, but someone could have easily shopped the image, seeing as it only features text. The June 23rd date listed in the picture does sound probable when compared to previous sales though…

An image showing Steam summer sale start dates.

I’m hoping that the 2016 summer sale sticks to the formula used in the previous summer sales, but the 2105 winter sale may have set a new precedent for the way sales are handled. The 2015 winter sale listed all the deals at the start of the sale and didn’t cycle through discounts or add games as time passed. We were able to make more informed purchasing decisions, but having all the games up at once kind of left out the excitement that previous sales generated. Half of what makes the Steam sales so enjoyable is the anticipation of what games will be listed the next day. That could just be me though?

Article By: Dan Mace