Fortnite Screenshot Editing Tips & Guide

July 31, 2018

A screenshot of a Fortnite player.

Chances are you’ve probably come across some Fortnite posts that feature beautiful shots that look worlds apart from the time you’ve spent dabbling about in the game’s cinematic replay mode. So, how do people get their Fortnite screenshots to look so good? It’s a combination of a lot of aspects, but you have access to the biggest one no matter how you’re playing the game; creativity! Creativity isn’t always enough to make your shot really stand out though, and to do that you’ll need to put a little extra effort into learning to adjust settings, learn the basics of an editing software, and be open to applying new capture methods to your shots.

A collage of Fortnite screenshots.

I’ve spent hours in the game’s photo mode and have a Fortnite screenshot folder with around 4GB of edited photos. I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned through photography and my personal experiences and created a tip video that will show you my workflow. Feel free to ask me any further questions about the topic in the comments.

Level Up Your Fortnite Photography/Screenshots

Article By: Dan Mace