Google Play’s Game Fest Has Some Great Deals

June 11, 2016

The Google Play store has recently organized the Game Fest, a new event that anyone with an android device can take part in. The Game Fest will run from June 9-23 and features deals on some of the top games in the Play store. Titles like Hearthstone, Fallout Shelter, and are among the games that have exclusive offers during the event’s runtime.

A screenshot of the Google Play Game Fest 2016 page.

It’s exciting to see that Google was able to create a promotion for mobile games on their storefront. It seems like gaming promotions and events have largely taken place on other marketplaces, like the Playstation Store, Steam, GOG, etc.. Organizing similar events for mobile games is a great strategy to keep people interested in the platform.

Google Play doesn’t have much competition in the android marketplace. The Amazon appstore is available, but after using that for three years and switching to the Google Play store, let’s just say that Amazon has a lot of work to do.

Article By: Dan Mace