Hearthstone Runs Great On The Nvidia K1 Tablet

June 5, 2016

My first Hearthstone experience was extremely laggy and wrought with frustration. I tried to run the game on my Kindle Fire HD7, and the tablet just wasn’t having it. I’d estimate that I was getting an erratic 10-15 fps at 720p resolution; a downright horrible experience. To say that I had all but given up on playing Hearthstone mobile would be an understatement.

My recent return to the title wasn’t without a due amount of hesitation, but the Nvidia K1 blew my expectations out of the water. The game now runs around an acceptable 30 fps at 1920×1200 resolution; more than a minor step up from my previous experience. The loading screens for matches haven’t ever gone over 20 sec, and the overall responsiveness of the game is pretty decent. Of course the game looks great on the K1’s full HD and ips display.

A screenshot of Hearthstone running on the Nvidia K1 Tablet.

There are occasional fps drops when playing matches, but 90% of the time the game plays smoothly. I’m accustomed to playing the game at 4K with 60fps on my PC, and while the K1 is far from rivaling that experience, it sure does provide the convenience of playing Hearthstone anywhere in the house. I’m looking forward to playing more Hearthstone, and the Nvidia K1 will help facilitate what I’m sure will be the start to my next gaming addiction.

Article By: Dan Mace