Hearthstone’s Welcome Bundle Is A Great Deal

September 22, 2016

Whether you’re brand new to Hearthstone or a¬†seasoned player, the recently added¬†Welcome Bundle is an amazing offer. The bundle is priced at $4.99, and it contains ten Classic card packs and a random class-specific legendary minion. To put the deal in perspective, a bundle of seven Classic card packs is usually priced at $9.99. The Welcome Bundle is basically offering each of the ten card packs for $.50 a piece, and that’s not even including the legendary minion.

A screenshot of hearthstone's Welcome Bundle.

This bundle is similar to Blizzard’s other Starter Bundle in Heroes of the Storm. That bundle includes three heroes and a mount for $4.99; a good offer as well. I think that both of the bundles are a great way for new players to kick off their experience in either of the games.

Article By: Dan Mace