Heroes Of The Storm Nearing First Anniversary

May 29, 2016

Heroes of the Storm’s first anniversary is approaching quickly, June 2nd to be exact. Blizzard has planned some in-game festivities to celebrate the occasion, the most notable one being a 50% XP boost from June 2-14. If you don’t have much time to play you can still get some goodies out of the event though. By just logging on during the event you’ll get a First Anniversary Portrait, and there’ll also be a First Anniversary Bundle that you can pick up on the cheap.

The contents of the Heroes of the Storm first anniversary bundle.

I’ve never gotten around to playing Heroes of the Storm, but it’s downloading as I type up this article. I think if you’re looking for a time to jump in, right now is prime time. That bundle should be a great way to get started in the game, and the XP boost sweetens the deal even more. Guess I’ll see you on the battlefield. More information on the event can be found of Blizzard’s official post.

Article By: Dan Mace