How To Earn Summon Tickets In Mobius Final Fantasy

November 12, 2016

A screenshot of a mage in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Summon tickets are one of the most important items in Mobius Final Fantasy. They can be spent on job cards, limited-edition card summons, and other in-game items that have a big impact on your gameplay. The demand for summon tickets is met with a pretty steep pay wall though.

To get one of the tickets you’ll have to pony up 500 magicite; an amount that takes five days to harvest. You don’t need to spend you hard-earned magicite on summon tickets though. With a little patience and some level grinding, you can actually earn quite a few summon tickets for free!

Some images of summon tickets in Mobius Final Fantasy.


  1. The first method for earning summon tickets is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is reference the “achievements” section that can be found under the game’s “ETC” navigation tab. In this menu you can see a list of achievements and their corresponding prizes; a lot of the prizes just happen to be summon tickets.
  2. The Arena is also a great place to earn some extra summon tickets. You’ll be rewarded with a summon ticket apiece by completing the “Trickster’s Throne” & the “Valiant’s Throne” battles. These battles do take a lot of grinding to unlock, but the rewards that you’ll earn on your way to the end levels are also worth your time.
  3. Sometimes Mobius runs special event promotions and log in bonuses. These promotions can be a great way to earn some free summon tickets. For Instance: During a previous log in promotion I was able to earn 6 summon tickets just by logging in every day!

Please leave a comment if you know of any other methods for earning summon tickets. I’m sure others would be grateful to know of any extra summon ticket reward locations.

Article By: Dan Mace