Janus Got A Sweet Twitch Prime Skin In Smite

January 4, 2017

A screenshot of Janus's Twitch Prime skin in Smite.

Twitch Prime recently rolled out their member rewards for January, and Smite’s own master of teleportation, Janus, got some love this time. His new “JT-6000” skin turns him into a glowing pink & purple promotion for Twitch Prime. The skin is basically a recolor of the previously released “Jandroid” skin, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The “Jandroid” skin is priced at 400 gems, so a recolor that sports a sweet color scheme and reps Twitch isn’t a bad deal.

A screenshot of the Janus Twitch Prime skin in Smite.

If you’re a member of Twitch Prime you’ll need to link your Twitch and Hi-Rez accounts to unlock the exclusive skin. Check out a summary video I put together a while back  if you want to find out more about Twitch Prime and see Ymir’s Twitch Prime skin. What do you think about Janus’s new look?

Article By: Dan Mace