Nvidia Is Hosting A Fallout 4 Mod Contest

May 30, 2016

Inspiring and rewarding creativity is a great way for companies to get in touch with their fans and give back to the people that use their products. Nvidia is doing just that with their Fallout 4 mod contest. Running until July 3rd, the contest will reward Fallout 4 modders with some sweet Nvidia and Bethesda products.

The contest is being held in celebration of the recently released Fallout 4 Creation Kit. The kit streamlines the modding process and allows creators to upload their mods into a library that can be accessed by the PC, PS4, and Xbox One players. Bethesda’s video does a great job of explaining and briefly demoing the kit.

Fallout 4 – Mods and the Creation Kit

The contest is divided up into four entry categories: map, data, inventory, and status. Nvidia will select the top five entries in each category and then they’ll open the rest of the voting process to the public. The grand prize includes $10,000, a custom Fallout 4 PC, and engineering support from Nvidia. It’s worth noting that all winning tiers get a Nvidia gpu along with some other prizes. The gpu models haven’t been revealed yet, but I don’t think it would be a stretch to predict that some GTX 1080s or 1070s could be handed out.

Article By: Dan Mace