Overwatch’s Zarya Joined Heroes Of The Storm

September 27, 2016

Blizzard’s most recent update for Heroes of the Storm included Zarya, the Russian powerhouse from Overwatch. She’s brought all of her abilities from Overwatch, and yes, her “Graviton Surge” ultimate is just as annoying and effective in Heroes of the Storm as it is in Overwatch. You can pick her up for 15,000 gold or $9.99.

A screenshot of Zarya.

Zarya is Heroes of the Storm’s second hero from Overwatch, with Tracer being the first. If this trend continues we might eventually be able to have a whole Overwatch-themed team in Heroes of the Storm; a development that I would certainly welcome. It would be nice to see Overwatch receive some characters from Heroes of the Storm though, even a skin would be nice. Perhaps Raynor would be a nice fit for Overwatch?

Article By: Dan Mace