Paragon Just Got Nvidia Ansel Support

February 18, 2017

A close up screenshot of a character in Paragon.

Feeling creative? Are you a fan of Paragon? Well, you’re in luck this week! Nividia and Epic Games just finished implementing Nvidia’s super-screenshot technology, Ansel, ¬†into Paragon. So, what does Ansel support mean for Paragon players?

Ansel gives Nvidia gpu owners the following features:

  • Free Camera Movement- You now have the ability to freely move the camera around the game world to frame up the perfect shot.
  • Super Resolution Image Files- Say goodbye to 1080p or even 4K screenshots. Ansel gives you the ability to take screenshots at resolutions like¬†63,360 x 35,640, but you’ll need plenty of harddrive space; the images can weigh in at well over a 1GB file size.
  • 360 Screenshots- You can capture screenshots that are great for viewing in VR and bring a new level of immersion to the traditional flat image screenshots.

Those aren’t even all of the features that Nvidia Ansel brings to Paragon! Check out Nvidia’s official post to learn more about the new technology and it’s implementation in Paragon.

Article By: Dan Mace