Shadow Is Free In Sonic Dash 2 This Weekend

June 3, 2016

Sonic Dash 2 has been consuming the majority of my free time this week. I’ve played my fair share of mobile games in the “infinite runner” genre, but this game has managed to hold my attention for more than a few days. When I logged on earlier today I noticed a new special event was open. A chance to earn Shadow for free was running throughout the weekend!

Screenshots of the Shadow event in Sonic Dash 2.

The event is actually one of the easier ones I’ve seen.To unlock Shadow you’ll just need to destroy 2,000 mines with his special attack. I’m averaging about 100 mines per play, so I’m guessing that you should only need around 20 plays to unlock him.

Shadow would normally cost 120 red star rings to unlock(around $19.99 of in-game currency), so this event is definitely worth your time if you’re enjoying Sonic Dash 2. Even if you can’t unlock Shadow, the other prizes aren’t bad.

Article By: Dan Mace