Sombra May Be Overwatch’s Next Hero

October 9, 2016

It looks like Blizzard has another leak on their hands, and this time it’s centered around a potential hero, Sombra. The leak’s main attraction is a blurry image of the rumored hero. The file was linked in a Reddit post on the Overwatch Subreddit, and the post has led to a lot of speculation about the back-story and validity of the information. While one image is hardly enough proof to confirm a new hero, the character design does resemble the art direction of other Overwatch heroes.

The leaked image of Sombra.

In Overwatch’s last developer update video, the game’s director, Jeff Kaplin, did mention that “one hero is very far along.” The developer update was uploaded just a few days before the Sombra leak, so it’s possible that Sombra could be the hero that Jeff was alluding to.

Article By: Dan Mace