Sonic Runners Will Be Shutting Down In July

May 31, 2016

I recently picked up a new tablet and binge downloaded around fifteen games off the Google Play store. Out of those games were a couple Sonic the Hedgehog titles, one of which was the endless runner, Sonic Runners. After clearing the game’s tutorial stage and downloading some extra files, a notification announcing the game’s shut down popped up. Ouch.

A screenshot of the Sonic Runners shutdown notice.

Somehow the game actually had a greater draw to me after learning about it’s imminent July 27th shut down. I guess that sensing a limited quantity or duration of an experience triggers extra interest from me. I’ve actually started a few games over that sole reason in the past. Playing games that will only live on in screenshots, videos, and the memories of players has a kind of sorrowful draw for me.

After playing a few levels of the game and taking a closer look at the user interface, it was apparent that this wasn’t one of Sega’s more polished mobile titles. The weird thing is that the game was only released in February of 2015, so the game came out just a few months before the popular Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom game. The design direction was definitely a complete 180 from the latter title.

A screenshot from Sonic Runners.It’s not a bad looking game, but I can understand it’s limited appeal and subsequent support shut down. The game resembles the older Sonic titles, but that nostalgic feel wasn’t enough to win as many players as the new and shiny Sonic Dash series.

At the time of writing this article Sonic Runners has 5 million downloads on Google Play, and Sonic Dash 2 has 10 million. The weird thing is that their ratings only differ by two tenths of a point. Perhaps the pricing structure had something to do with the lack of financial success. Regardless, it’s sad to see a game shut down. I’d recommend downloading it before it gets pulled from the store.  

Article By: Dan Mace