Spiral Knights Is Running A New Lockdown Event

January 21, 2017

A screenshot of some Spiral Knights in haven.

Over the years a lot of Spiral Knights Lockdown players have pushed for auto-target to be removed from the game’s pvp mode; myself included. It looks like our wish is finally coming true, well at least for a limited time. Lockdown matches will have auto-target disabled from January 20th- January 22nd, and the event has been dubbed “Hardcore Mode”. There are also some prizes up for grabs if you can record your Lockdown skills during the event.

A screenshot of a Spiral knights Lockdown match.

If you can cobble together a video featuring your Lockdown skills you could win the rare Gate Crasher Helm, an item that sells for well over a million crowns on the auction house. There will also be prizes for second and third places, and all the rewards will scale depending on how many people participate in the event! Head over to the Spiral Knights forums for more information on the event and how to submit your video entries. Good luck!

Article By: Dan Mace