Spiral Knights Just Got A New Lockdown Map

March 18, 2017

A screenshot of the new Icebox map in Spiral Knights lockdown.

Spiral Knights has been in a bit of a content drought for quite some time now. Sure, there’s plenty of new cosmetics to buy, but playable content is what keeps a community interested in an MMO, and the game was sorely lacking in that department.

Yesterday we saw the release of a new Lockdown map; Icebox. The new map is aptly named, and as you can guess there’s plenty of freeze-type environmental hazards to keep players constantly on their toes. From ice cube slimes to freezing orbs and cryo traps, you always have to be on guard against both enemy players and the map’s unforgiving environment.

A screenshot of the Icebox map in Spiral Knights Lockdown mode.

There are three control points to vie for, with the central point being the most contested and dangerous one. The points are surrounded by freezing orbs that constantly rotate around the capture area, and there’s usually a pack of Ice Cube Slimes that are lazily patrolling the area. You’ll want to bring as much freeze resistance as you can pack, and a pulsar-type gun will come in handy for pushing opposing players off the sometimes hard-to-reach points. Good Luck!

Article By: Dan Mace