Take Overwatch On The Go With Tracer Dash

July 10, 2016

While searching for a good Overwatch wiki app I stumbled on an Overwatch-themed infinite runner; Tracer Dash. The game’s premise is pretty simple. You collect Overwatch coins while dodging Pharah’s missles and Junkrat’s explosive tires. Right now there’s only one map and the game gets pretty repetitive after a few minutes, but I think there’s a lot of potential for the game. Add in a few more obstacles, maps, currency variations, and you could actually have a decent title on your hands.

A screenshot from Tracer Dash, an Overwatch-themed infinite runner.

The game is up for download on the Google Play appstore; sorry, no iOS version. It was sitting at 5,000 downloads when I installed it, so more attention could end up producing some updates. To be honest I’m not sure why Blizzard hasn’t released something like it. An infinite runner that features all the Overwatch characters and locations could be a lot of fun. I think Gearbox was on the right track with their Battleborn Tap mobile game.

Article By: Dan Mace

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