Website & YouTube Channel Update

November 16, 2017

A photo of a beach in Vietnam.

Eight months used to feel like an eternity to me, an eternity of doing the same daily tasks, and living a secure yet painfully stale life. That’s why I decided to make a change, the biggest change I’ve made in my life. I decided to jettison my comfort zone and start a new life in a different country.

Around eight months ago I decided to drop everything and move from the U.S. to Vietnam. I felt the wanderlust that many young adults feel, and I figured I should open myself up to experiences like this while I was still young and able-bodied. Looking back, I still can’t believe I actually went through with my plan. I wasn’t the kind of person that you would expect to make such a decision. I was timid, lacked any level of confidence, and had lived a sheltered life under my parent’s roof for far too long.

The moment I boarded the first plane and looked back to wave goodbye to my parents was bittersweet. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew it was time for a change. When I arrived in Vietnam I was confused, scared, and felt like hopping on the next return flight home, back to familiar settings and routines; I’m so glad I didn’t do that!

During my time in Vietnam I’ve met some of the most amazing people, made many wonderful friends, experienced things I only dreamed of, and have become a new person. I described my new life to a friend as: “I feel like I’m finally living. It’s like life just got a fresh coat of paint and I’m still soaking in all the new colors”.

A photo of Saigon.

It’s tempting to write about all of the experiences, but I’m sure you’ll hear about some of them if you continue to watch upcoming videos. Speaking of videos…

So, it’s  been eight months since I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube channel. I always intended to maintain the channel as part of my new life, but my days have already been so full that I just haven’t been able to easily set aside time to produce much content. That’s going to change though!

Going forward, I’m planning on trying to upload at least one video a week, create many new series that have an appeal to a larger audience, and I might even start streaming and incorporating real life footage into future content.

Thanks for your patience.

Article By: Dan Mace