Where To Farm Skillseeds In Mobius Final Fantasy

December 20, 2016

A screenshot of the Gigantuar terrace in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Skillseeds are one of the most essential and scarce resources in Mobius Final Fantasy. Without them you’ll be stuck with a character that under-leveled and easily overpowered, but if you can get your hands on enough of them you’ll be able to build classes that can easily tackle any monster in the game. So where’s the best place to farm these coveted resources?

images of the Gigantuar Terrace skillseeds in Mobius Final Fantasy.

The new event region, Gigantuar Terrace, is now the best location to farm skillseeds in Mobius. After building a water deck to farm skillseeds I was able to pull in well over 30,000 water skillseeds in about ten minutes! Here’s the catch though. Each time you unlock the region you’ll need to spend three Mystic Tablets.

It’s worth mentioning that you should try to complete the Gigantuar Terrace on “Hard Mode”. This setting can be found under the “ETC” tab in the game’s menu; it is set to “Normal” difficulty by default. By increasing the game’s difficulty you’ll get rewarded with many more skillseeds. I went from earning 3,000 water skillseeds per battle to 11,000 when I increased the difficulty level! Good luck.

Article By: Dan Mace